Working at Height Courses
Safe Use of Ladders, Lanyards & Harnesses or Scaffold Tower Training

Who’s it for:

Working at Heights – Safe Use of Ladders, Lanyards & Harnesses or Scaffold Towers.
Any delegate involved in working at height or involved in the planning and supervision of people that do.



Risk Assessment Process

Inspecting & Maintaining

Safe Operation of Ladders

Half Day Course*



Relevant Legislation

Guidance on Fitment, Usage & Inspection

Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint

Half Day Course*



Construction Workplace Regulations

Inspection of Alloy Tower Components


1 Day Course*

How would you feel if an untrained employee died or was seriously injured falling from a ladder or from working at height?

Falls from height are the number one cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury in the workplace. Almost a third of falls are from ladders. We need to realise that using a ladder or a step ladder just isn’t as straight forward as we first thought!

Ladders accounted for 14 fatalities per year to workers (averaged over 6 years) 60% of those killed or seriously injured had fallen from below head height. This is simply a number that is recorded being taken from workplace statistics, many more incidents are occurring in the home; however our legal obligations dictate that it is in the workplace that we must safeguard our employees.

With 1226 (more than 100 a month) Major injuries, falls from ladders and stepladders account for almost a third of all injuries and cost the UK economy around £60 million each year. Source: HSE

Our aim is to provide professional, friendly, cost effect training to all our customers no matter how large or small. Helping you to comply with all the current legislation.

We can also manage your training for you. Storing databases of trainees and reminding of refreshers or updates and scheduling training to suit.

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*Course duration dependent on trainees ability and instructors assessment during course.